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Hello to everyone:

The Hernia Coach can be contacted using the following email address:

Please also email us at: since gmail has been
quite unreliable these days—thank you.

These emails are being made available only to those individuals who wish
to discuss our hernia coaching services. The Hernia Coach does coaching,
counseling and consulting for many people around the world and can
only receive questions and comments from those seeking these services.
We sincerely appreciate everyone’s attention to this request.

Many folks also have inquiries about the medical approach known as
hernia repair surgery.  Because many clients have already had a surgical
procedure to repair their inguinal hernia and are now dealing with various
complications, the Hernia Coach also does much consulting in this regard.

Then there are those who require patient advocacy services because of
their age, incapacitation and/or lack of knowledge.  Some folks are looking
for the safest and most successful hernia repair techniques; others are
searching for the best surgeons. In each of these cases the Hernia Coach
offers his services even though they fall outside the scope of his specialty
area of holistic hernia remediation.

Again, we welcome all correspondence from those who wish to engage,
or further explore, any of our services.

Thank you,

Hernia Coach