A Letter From The Hernia Coach To Those Who Have Emailed Us

RE: Holistic Hernia Remediation

October 20, 2015

Hello to everyone who has emailed The Hernia Coach.

As many of you know, the author of the The Hernia Coach sustained an indirect
inguinal hernia on the left side in July of 2008. After almost 6 years of holistic
remediation, the hernia healed in May of 2014. The hernia has not relapsed
a single time, and the injury site has remained strong. There have been no
limitations of movement or of physical exertion, and the affected area only seems
to get stronger by the month. There are very good reasons for this once the true
causes and cures are correctly understood.

Now many will say that almost six years is way too long to pursue a self cure.
They are right; that was a very long stretch. However, it’s important to understand
that we proceeded down this particular road as a scientist in our home ‘laboratory’.
The body was the test tube in which the experiments were conducted. Over the
course of 6 years we tried many different dietary regimens and food prohibitions,
herbal formulations and homeopathic remedies, detoxification programs and
cleansing protocols, exercise routines and hatha yoga postures, Pilates workouts
and hernia-specific stretches. We also tried a good number of unorthodox New Age
healing modalities in order to do everything possible to put the odds in our favor
for a cure.

Through a process of trial and error, we were able to distill the list of alternative
therapies down to the most effective for inguinal hernia remediation. What’s the
point? Because we already walked the path, those who opt for this approach will
be spared much time and trouble. The healing modalities which produce the best
results in the shortest period of time also happen to be the least expensive and the
simplest to perform. They are also the easiest to incorporate into a busy schedule
and demanding lifestyle.

The one caveat is that everyone’s hernia is a little different. They each have their
uniques causes and cofactors. Likewise, each inguinal hernia had its own unique
trigger event which precipitated the original protrusion. Because of this reality,
The Hernia Coach has determined that instead of sending out a monthly coaching
letter, it would be more effective to coach individuals on a one-on-one basis. In
this way, those who are very serious about producing a cure will receive the
individualized attention to do so.

For those who are interested in personal coaching and/or consulting regarding their
hernia remediation, special arrangements can be set up on a case-by-case basis. This
coaching arrangement will be conducted on a donation basis only. For those who
are interested, please send your request by email to the following address:


The advantage of this type of coaching arrangement is that it can be conducted by
phone and email and, when necessary, via Skype. There is no long distance travel
involved; unless, of course it is determined that a unique healing modality might
be of great benefit which is not offered locally.

The following link is a “Must Read” for anyone considering this highly personalized
approach toward inguinal hernia remediation. If the health coaching philosophy
that is clearly explained therein does not resonate, it would be wise to further
contemplate your compatibility with holistic hernia remediation.

Philosophy of Health Coaching

Regardless of how you proceed, The Hernia Coach wishes you well with your
healing process. Always remember that there are two indispensable secrets to
experiencing a permanent cure — (i) faith and (ii) the tincture of time.

May you enjoy great health!

The Hernia Coach

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