Month: January 2016

The Hernia Bible Exercises & Stretching

The Hernia Coach performed many of the following Pilates Exercises that were posted at the Hernia Bible website.  These exercises were quite instrumental in the process of his successful holistic hernia remediation. Everyone is highly encouraged to perform these exercises in a manner that does not aggravate their hernia site.  If one causes any kind of pain or bulging, it… Read more →

Osteopathic Physician Delineates “Palliative Treatment” For Inguinal Hernia

“THE THERAPEUTICS of ACTIVITY” by Andrew A. Gour, M.G., D. O. THC Editor’s Note: Osteopathic physician Andrew A. Gour wrote an excellent book titled “The Therapeutics of Activity”. One of the chapters is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of inguinal hernias. The following screenshots are those pages of the chapter that addressed the “Treatment of Inguinal Hernia”. This archived… Read more →

A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Constipation

Nicole Cutler L.Ac. Institute for Integrative Healthcare When a healthy diet and exercise do not successfully relieve constipation for your clients, learn which massage techniques you can use to help relax their abdomen, reduce their discomfort and encourage regular defecation. Constipation is one of the most common medical complaints in the United States, with many causes and manifestations. During an… Read more →

How abdominal massage can help with constipation

by Jo Saunders Massage is an ancient technique which combines the manipulation of muscle and connective tissue, and is traditionally used to promote relaxation and enhance wellbeing. An in-home massage carried out by a professional makes it even more straightforward to receive a much-needed form of therapy. However, you may be surprised to learn that you can actually carry… Read more →

Watchful Waiting is Recommended by Physician Group for Asymptomatic Inguinal Hernias

Watchful Waiting vs Repair of Inguinal Hernia in Minimally Symptomatic MenA Randomized Clinical Trial FREE Robert J. Fitzgibbons, MD; Anita Giobbie-Hurder, MS; James O. Gibbs, PhD; Dorothy D. Dunlop, PhD; Domenic J. Reda, PhD; Martin McCarthy, PhD; Leigh A. Neumayer, MD; Jeffrey S. T. Barkun, MD; James L. Hoehn, MD; Joseph T. Murphy, MD; George A. Sarosi, MD; William C.… Read more →


THC Editor’s Note: What makes the following medical journal article about the non-operative treatment of reducible hernia so significant is the extraordinary success rate that Dr. Jay W. Seaver, M.D. had while he was Associate Director of Yale University Gymnasium. He treated many of the athletes and other students at Yale who sustained inguinal hernias with naturopathic treatments and exercises. The… Read more →

Healing Porridge – Congee

LOTUS CENTER Congee is a grain based, medicinal porridge served for centuries in traditional East Indian and Chinese homes. It is as common in some homes as pizza & mac and cheese are here!  This is an easy and affordable dish to incorporate into any diet.  It is used preventatively to promote good health and strong digestion. In Traditional Chinese… Read more →