Questions, Comments & Concerns


A thinking man in the center of an arrow diagram with arrows representing aspects of customer service or support - Questions, Comments and Concerns

The following post is the only one that is open for questions and
comments on this Hernia Coaching website.

Questions & Comments Section For The Hernia Coach

Its primary purpose is to allow folks to ask their most pressing questions
and express their greatest concerns.  Many will have their doubts about
the holistic hernia remediation process; others will have moments when
their faith is lacking in their ability to succeed.

By receiving your questions in this way The Hernia Coach can better
respond to the most challenging issues of the day.  Future “Coaching
Letters” will address what is on everyone’s mind.

Please be brief, be clear and be respectful.  There is only one Hernia Coach
staffing this website; although, there are several health coaches who belong
to our network who may be contributing to difficult cases.

The Hernia Coach will not be posting every comment submitted. Only those
comments/questions that are specifically used as a teaching moment
for the greatest number of people will be made public.  There are a number
of reasons for this, so please be aware that every comment will be read
and seriously considered, whether it is posted or not.

May you experience excellent health!

The Hernia Coach