Month: December 2015

Physicians Offer Excellent Yoga Recommendations For Strengthening An Inguinal Hernia Site

Dr’s Advice for Hernias BY YOGA INTERNATIONAL The abdomen contains many vital organs that keep us alive and well. These organs are confined and protected by the muscles in the abdomen. A hernia occurs when these muscles are so weakened that a gap is made in the abdominal wall and part of an internal organ bulges out. A hernia can… Read more →

Healing An Inguinal Hernia With Hatha Yoga

HERNIA EXERCISE: A SIMPLE YOGA SOLUTION TO HEAL HERNIA WITHOUT SURGERY World Yoga Society Yoga Hernia Exercises are useful for Hernia treatment without surgery because over 30% hernia surgery patients end up with a lifetime of pain and discomfort afterwards. Stitching muscles, though a quick fix, will impair the elasticity of the muscle. Inserting a foreign net can cause… Read more →

Intestinal Dysbiosis: A Common Precursor To Inguinal Hernia

Digestive System: Intestinal Dysbiosis And The Causes Of Disease Leo Galland MD, FACN , Stephen Barrie ND © ABSTRACT : With the advent of biochemical and microbial stool analysis panels, an increasing number of physicians are seeking a clearer understanding of the relationship between the ecology of the digestive tract and local and systemic factors affecting health and disease. Dysbiosis… Read more →