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PubMed Article Validates Certain Hatha Yoga Postures for Hernia Remediation

Effect of yoga therapy in reversible inguinal hernia: A quasi experimental study Jagatheesan Alagesan, Suthakar Venkatachalam,1 Anandbabu Ramadass,2 and Sankar B Mani Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer Go to: Abstract Background: Hernia is an abnormal protrusion of an organ or tissue through a defect in its surrounding walls which most commonly involves the abdominal wall, particularly the inguinal… Read more →

5 Exercises to Heal Diastasis Recti

by ALYSA BAJENARU It’s the first of the month, so Wendy Powell is back with some fitness tips!  Here she is with 5 exercises to heal diastasis. What exercises will really work to fix a Diastasis? As promised I am giving you 5 of my very favorite exercises for healing, reconnecting and restoring your core. As I explained in my… Read more →

Hatha Yoga and Natural Hernia Remediation

How Yoga Postures Can Help Prevent Hernias by Meera Watts It has been found that yoga can reduce the symptoms in hernias such as pain. Also, within preliminary studies, it has been proven that the aggravating factors of hernias are less frequent. Hernias can be painful, uncomfortable and last a long period of time. While there are surgeries to temporarily fix… Read more →

Excellent Inversion Yoga Posture For Inguinal Hernia

What inversion poses of yoga are needed for? The Wholesome life   The material is intended for acquaintance and is not a practical guidance for mastering of inversion yoga poses. Please pay attention on that asanas should be mastered under the direction of experienced yoga teacher. Importance of inversion yoga poses is pointed by many texts and yoga experts. Viparita… Read more →

Physicians Offer Excellent Yoga Recommendations For Strengthening An Inguinal Hernia Site

Dr’s Advice for Hernias BY YOGA INTERNATIONAL The abdomen contains many vital organs that keep us alive and well. These organs are confined and protected by the muscles in the abdomen. A hernia occurs when these muscles are so weakened that a gap is made in the abdominal wall and part of an internal organ bulges out. A hernia can… Read more →

Healing An Inguinal Hernia With Hatha Yoga

HERNIA EXERCISE: A SIMPLE YOGA SOLUTION TO HEAL HERNIA WITHOUT SURGERY World Yoga Society Yoga Hernia Exercises are useful for Hernia treatment without surgery because over 30% hernia surgery patients end up with a lifetime of pain and discomfort afterwards. Stitching muscles, though a quick fix, will impair the elasticity of the muscle. Inserting a foreign net can cause… Read more →