Month: February 2020

UNANI MEDICINE: Herbal Remedy for Inguinal Hernias

HernoSan Quick Overview Treatment for abdominal hernias Product composed entirely of plants to heal and strengthen the abdominal muscle wall and to reduce the tensions that are exerted. Box containing 90 capsules, net weight 34 gr Preventive and Curative Use See also the complementary treatment for hernias: The Phoenician Balm   Hernias of the abdominal wall: There are several kinds of… Read more →

CORONAVIRUS GUIDANCE: How to successfully manage viral infections and avoid their serious consequences

Navigating Viral Storms and Avoiding Death by Dr. Sircus It started with a light cough. He burped constantly, and complained of shortness of breath. Family members thought it was no big deal. The doctor said he seemed to have heart problems and suggested him to stay in the hospital. He appeared healthy except for a minor infection in one lung… Read more →