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Top Exercises for Umbilical Hernia

Written by WebMD Editorial Contributors Reviewed by Minesh Khatri, MD An umbilical hernia is a condition where your internal organs bulge through a gap in your abdominal wall near your belly button. This condition can have both aesthetic and health consequences. In many children, umbilical hernias can often be resolved with simple exercises instead of surgery. For adults, however, surgery is often required,… Read more →

HERNIA EXERCISES: How to Do Decline Situps With and Without a Bench

Healthline A decline situp bench positions your upper body at an angle so that it’s lower than your hips and thighs. This positioning causes your body to work harder, since you have to work against gravity and through a wider range of motion. Decline situps are an effective core exercise to add to your fitness routine. They improve core strength,… Read more →