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Dr. George H. Taylor: A physician who used osteopathic treatments to cure hernias …

… without pharmaceuticals or surgical repair Note from the Coach: The following excerpt is taken from an 1892 edition of the Massachusetts Medical Journal. Osteopaths like Dr. George Taylor and his many naturopathic counterparts developed various protocols for effectuating a permanent cure for inguinal hernias. If you are an Osteopath and you are looking to keep your skills and knowledge… Read more →

Osteopathic Physician Delineates “Palliative Treatment” For Inguinal Hernia

“THE THERAPEUTICS of ACTIVITY” by Andrew A. Gour, M.G., D. O. THC Editor’s Note: Osteopathic physician Andrew A. Gour wrote an excellent book titled “The Therapeutics of Activity”. One of the chapters is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of inguinal hernias. The following screenshots are those pages of the chapter that addressed the “Treatment of Inguinal Hernia”. This archived… Read more →