Month: October 2016

PROBIOTICS: A Necessary Digestive Tract Aid For Holistic Hernia Remediation

Probiotics, How Do They Work, What Are Their Benefits & Side Effects and What are The Best Probiotics Foods & Supplements? by Health Ambition Probiotics are likely something you’ve heard about if you’ve done any type of research on health and wellness over the last few years. They’re kind of a big deal these days, and with good reason. If… Read more →

Warming and cooling characteristics of common foods

Ping Ming Health Each food has its own characteristics. In very ancient times Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners used specific foods to balance the body’s yin and yang and to treat disease. For example, if you’re wondering “what are the best medicinal mushrooms?”, you can click and find out more about that specific food. The ancient Chinese medicine practitioners discovered that… Read more →