Can Prolozone Therapy Help Heal An Inguinal Hernia?

The following video is excellent for those who need to be moved from an all-American lifestyle and diet to a wholesome and healthy one.

Whereas the YouTuber who tells his story below used Prolozone Therapy for a herniated disc (L5-S1), there’s no question the same therapy can be used successfully for inguinal hernias.  The Hernia Coach also suffered from the exact same disc herniation and immediately saw the similarities in etiology with the inguinal hernia.

The Hernia Coach has emphasized repeatedly that it is all about flushing the hernia site with oxygen and nutriments, and Prolozone Therapy (PT) does just that.

We are currently attempting to identify a competent Prolozone Therapist who has formulated a Prolozone Therapy protocol for hernia remediation.  This is brand new stuff for hernias so hopefully there is someone out there paving the way.

By the way, for anyone who thinks they can avoid all the hard work around diet change and attitude adjustment, that is probably not the case … unless they are willing to spend a good part of their life in the prolozone therapist’s office.  Just saying’.

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