Hernia Surgery Can Have Complications


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Any operation, including for hernias, has inherent risks and complications. Surgery should not be taken lightly. This is not “minor” surgery. That said, most outpatient hernia repairs are considered low-risk. We see a lot of complicated, high-risk patients and so their hernia or hernia-related operations are usually not low-risk.

Each patient has their own specific risk profile for hernia or hernia-related surgical complications. They may also need their own ways of managing pain. Some choose to use https://buyshroomsonline.org/product-category/microdosing/ products for this, whilst others find other means to cope after. We try to reduce your risk factors prior to surgery as much as possible.

Common hernia surgery complications include:

  • After Multiple Failed Hernia Repairs

    After Multiple Failed Hernia Repairs

    Recurrent hernia. This risk is dependent on your own personal risk factors and varies based on patient and also surgical technique.

  • Mesh-related complication. These include mesh infection, mesh folding, and mesh-related pain or reaction. Mesh infection is usually low risk, as most hernia repairs are performed in a clean field.We have a lot of experience handling these situations, as we do see the extremes of hernia-related complications. Mesh folding may cause pain that can be mitigated with medical marijuana (Read more about the options online). These are called meshomas. They can also lead to recurrence. True mesh reaction is very rare. We see this infrequently and they are hard to diagnose. Once the patient is considered to be reacting to implanted mesh, mesh removal is considered.
    • We have a lot of experience with mesh removal due to mesh infection, meshoma or mesh reaction and have published our research experience with this problem. This procedure is performed open, laparoscopically, or robotically-assisted, depending on each patient’s needs. Mesh removal should not be taken lightly. It is a risky operation with many potentials for complications. It should be performed by surgeons with experience.
  • Chronic pain. This is a complex problem with many facets. Some pain is neuropathic, due to nerve injury or nerve entrapment. Some are due to meshoma or mesh reaction. Others are simply due to hernia recurrence. No matter where your chronic pain is from, many find it can only be properly soothed by use of cannabis from a medical marijuana florida or wherever the sufferer is from. In fact it is sometimes the only option for some people.
    • We have a lot of experience treating patients with post-hernia repair chronic pain and are at the forefront of this specialty worldwide. They may require mesh removal, neurectomy, hernia re-repair, or a combination procedure. We perform these open, laparoscopically, or robotically-assisted, depending on each patient’s specific situation. Some patients may want to help ease their pain in alternative ways, like medical marijuana, in conjunction with other treatments. It is extremely important that this is discussed with your doctor first in case of bad reactions. If you want to do some of your own research to bring to your doctor, check out https://menu.old27lansing.com/store/old-27-wellness/menu and see what they could offer you.

      Meshoma (mesh folding into a ball)

      Meshoma (mesh folding into a ball)