The 5 Acupressure Points for Inguinal Hernia Cure

How to Cure Hernia through Acupressure? (5 Pressure Points)


Feroz Khan


When a wall of fat tissue or a muscle of an internal organ starts protruding outside, this condition is called Hernia.

It occurs due to the sudden pressure given on the organ while there is a weak spot or an opening is present in it.

Due to this weak spot, when you give extreme pressure like lifting heavy objects, the organ bulges and protrudes through that area.

There are many types of hernia but the most common one is inguinal hernia which affects mostly men. Here are some acupressure techniques to cure it easily.

How to Cure Hernia through Acupressure? (5 Pressure Points)


How to Cure Hernia through Acupressure?

Acupressure mainly focuses on strengthening the weak spot and helps the tissue and muscle surrounding it to withstand any kind of pressure.

Therefore, it helps in proper energy flow to the respective tissues and organs by channeling them appropriately.

The following acupressure points strengthen the common organs that are prone to hernia and at the same time help in maintaining the integrity of tissues and muscles surrounding it.


SP 9 - Acupressure Points To Cure Hernia

SP represents the spleen channel. SP9 connects Earth elemental energy and the Water elemental energy.

Earth elemental energy is responsible for maintaining all the tissues in the body. These tissues are strengthened due to the proper energy flow from this element.

Water elemental energy is responsible for maintaining and energizing all the reproductive organs. Therefore, acupressure in SP9 helps in curing the common inguinal hernia in men.

SP9 is located on the inner head of the tibia bone beside the knee joint. Locate the point and using your index or thumb finger firmly apply pressure over it for 30 secs.


LI 11 - Pressure Points For Hernia

LI represents the large intestine channel. LI11 connects the Air elemental energy and the Earth elemental energy.

The large intestine is an organ that is prone to hernia and the tissues must be strengthened to avoid weak spots.

Since earth elemental energy can provide energy to the tissues and repair it, giving treatment at LI11 helps in strengthening the intestinal tissue.

LI11 is located on the inner elbow crease towards the end of the crease line. Slightly bend the elbow to find the end of the line.

Using your thumb finger, firmly apply pressure in a circular motion on the location for 30 secs. You can do this in the morning and evening.


LV 3 -To Treat Hernia

LV represents the liver channel. LV3 connects Wood elemental energy and the Earth elemental energy.

Wood elemental energy is responsible for maintaining the nerves and muscles all over the body. Whereas the earth’s elemental energy takes care of the abdominal cavity.

Therefore, giving treatment at LV3 energizes the muscles and tissues of the abdominal cavity and prevents hernia.

LV3 is located on the top side of the foot between the big toe and second toe, below the webbing near the bottom side of the joint.

After locating the point, apply firm pressure on the area with the index finger and do it for about 30 secs.


KI-1 -Acupressure Points For Hernia

KI represents the kidney channel. KI1 connects the water elemental energy and the wood elemental energy.

Water elemental energy is responsible for maintaining the bones and reproductive parts. Wood helps in removing the toxins and energizing the organs effectively.

Therefore, giving treatment at KI1 helps in detoxifying all the major organs and prevents all the weak areas in the muscles and tissues.

KI1 is located on the sole side of the foot. Look for the center depression on the sole in the middle about 2/3 distance from the heels.

After locating the point, apply pressure with your thumb finger for 30 secs. You can also use circular motions while giving pressure.


ST-36 - 5 Pressure Points To Heal Hernia

ST represents the stomach channel. ST36 connects Earth elemental energy within itself. This is called the horary point in traditional Chinese medicine.

As we mentioned earlier, earth elemental energy is responsible for the maintenance of all the tissues in the body.

Therefore, giving treatment at ST36 helps in strengthening the tissues and keeps the internal organs firmly secure and sealed.

ST36 is located on the shin muscle outside the tibia bone. After locating the point, apply pressure on it with your index finger and continue it for about 30 secs. Repeat this morning and evening.

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Why is Acupressure Best for Hernia?

Acupressure helps in providing a complete cure without any surgical procedures. Unlike other medicines, acupressure treats the condition faster.

Hernia gives a lot of pain and requires immediate treatment. With acupressure, you can alleviate the pain and cure the condition simultaneously.

Acupressure doesn’t involve any invasive procedure or doesn’t prescribe any medication. Therefore, it saves you a lot of money spent on drugs.

You can also avoid staying at the hospital which is the normal routine after surgical procedures. Just by taking a rest at home, you will be able to get a complete cure.

You need not do acupressure continuously. Just every morning and evening is enough to deal with the pain and the hernia condition.

Along with hernia, giving treatment with acupressure techniques helps you to strengthen all parts of the body. This prevents you from getting a hernia from other parts of the body.

It also has the potential to treat other conditions you have been experiencing and without any medications, you can get them treated too.

Can Acupressure Cure Hernia Completely?

Yes, acupressure can treat hernia completely. But the duration differs for each person according to their body condition and age.

Since acupressure is based on channelizing the energy to the respective organs, it takes time for the body to heal completely.

The affected part starts to reduce in size gradually. But you can get relief from the pain immediately. Along with acupressure if you look after your diet and sleep, you will be able to get a faster cure.

Otherwise, there is no doubt in acupressure curing hernia. This traditional Chinese medicine can cure all diseases effectively.


Weak tissues and organ walls cause a hernia in the body. It is important to keep them healthy. With a proper lifestyle and diet, you will be able to cure such diseases with ease.

Give treatment using acupressure techniques to get rid of the condition. Acupressure also helps you in preventing yourself from the condition.