Excellent Inversion Yoga Posture For Inguinal Hernia

What inversion poses of yoga are needed for?

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The material is intended for acquaintance and is not a practical guidance for mastering of inversion yoga poses. Please pay attention on that asanas should be mastered under the direction of experienced yoga teacher.
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Importance of inversion yoga poses is pointed by many texts and yoga experts. Viparita Karani is named as one of the major poses of Hatha yoga, Sirsasana is nicknamed as «the queen of asanas», Sarvangasana influences so beneficial on the whole body that it is recommended to include this pose in any sequence of yoga poses practice. Let’s examine, what is the reason for inversion poses efficiency.
An inversion is most generally categorized as any asana – in which the head is below the pelvis, are: Viparita Karani, Sarvangasana, Sirsasana, Halasana, Ardhachakrasana and others. This poses influence the body under two levels – physical and more sensual – energy level.

Let’s consider physical level.

1. Inversion poses improve brain blood supply. If take into account that functioning of a brain is depend, first of all, on its adequate blood supply, the importance of inversion poses becomes clear. In inversion position a plentiful receipt of blood in a brain, washing of cells of a brain and renovation of cells occurs. The centres responsible for work of all other organs and systems of a body, which are located in the brain, start to co-operate better with organs «under wardship» and perform the work more effectively and harmoniously: for example – the hypophysis which is responsible for our hormonal system, for growth, mental faculties, regulation of sexual glands work and for a metabolism as a whole, therefore deficiency of blood and as consequence of necessary elements can lead to work failure of the whole organism. Thus, it is a fair statement that the long and competent practice including inversion poses, decelerates process of body ageing.

2. Inversion poses help body to perform important function of blood renovation. When circulating blood accumulates vital activity waste products and needs to return back to heart to receive new portion of oxygen and nutrients and to clear up, but in shortage of physical activity of person it tends to congest, especially, in the lower parts of a body, provoking varicose veins and problems of gynecologic sphere. Organs of digestive system responsible for assimilation of useful matters and deliverance from harmful matters are also subject for hemostasis.

3. Inversion poses in some cases also have an influence on hearing and sight improvement, and also naturally improve appearance of face skin and hair condition.

4. Besides such poses in a special way influence on strength and flexibility of cervical spine.

On energy level inversion poses:
• harmonise prana flow in a body what conduces to favourable consequences for health of a human as etheric body controls physical body functioning;
• calm mind and increase concentration;
• favour transformation in psychological and spiritual sphere;
• have deep influence on human personality and his meditative practice (some inversion poses even could be used as independent meditative technics)

This occurs to the expense of energy rising from the lowest to the higher centers, thereby level of consciousness of person rises.

Let’s consider more closely influence features of some inversion asanas.