Dr. George H. Taylor: A physician who used osteopathic treatments to cure hernias …

… without pharmaceuticals or surgical repair

Note from the Coach:

The following excerpt is taken from an 1892 edition of the Massachusetts Medical Journal. Osteopaths like Dr. George Taylor and his many naturopathic counterparts developed various protocols for effectuating a permanent cure for inguinal hernias. If you are an Osteopath and you are looking to keep your skills and knowledge up to date, it may be in your best interest to do a google search into something like functional fascia courses, as this could help you improve professional development.

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Their great work especially demonstrated how elevating the hernia above the hips on a regular basis can be integral to the holistic healing process. There are several hatha yoga postures that the Hernia Coach performed regularly in order to produce the necessary effect. Most of the inverted hatha yoga asanas are quite effective in this manner.

Our recommendation is that inverted postures be performed whenever you are far away from your last meal. They should always be done slowly and carefully since few folks are used to doing these. For those who are overweight, extra caution is advised.

Here is an excellent hatha yoga posture to perform for reducing the hernia. Known as Viparita Karani, it works like a charm for many folks.