Month: March 2016

Beet Borscht: A Natural Way to Cleanse a Congested Liver

Why it’s so important to maintain good liver and gallbladder health Robert Harrington Natural Society The liver is the major detoxification organ of the body. In light of the unprecedented amount of chemical toxicity which now permeates the food supply and water sources, the average American liver is quite burdened and imbalanced. Often times, the liver will become so congested… Read more →

Exercises For An Umbilical Hernia

An umbilical hernia is caused by excess pressure at the abdomen, specifically near your navel. Excess pressure causes your intestines to bulge through a weakened abdominal wall, causing swelling and pain. Heavy lifting, excessive coughing, obesity and multiple pregnancies are possible causes of umbilical hernia, according to You can use exercise to treat umbilical hernias, although some cases may… Read more →

Gallbladder Flush & Liver Cleanse

LIVER CLEANSE & GALLBLADDER FLUSH This protocol was originally published in A CURE FOR ALL DISEASES by Dr. Hulda Clark. Ingredients: Epsom Salts:  2 Tablespoons Fresh Organic White Grapefruit 1 to 3 – enough to squeeze 1/2 to 3/4 cup juice (Use organic pink grapefruit if white is not available, or fresh organic lemon) Olive oil 1/2 cup (light olive… Read more →

What Doctors Don’t Tell You: Hernia – A Stitch In Time

by Clive Couldwell Many doctors used outmoded types of surgery for hernias, hand over this complicated operation to inexperienced juniors or experiment with new, untried techniques. The statistics are worrying. It’s four times more dangerous to have a hernia operation than to go without one if you’re over 65, according to the Harvard School of Public Health (New Eng J… Read more →

An Occupational Therapist Addresses Incisional Hernias That Result From Surgery

Healing from Hernia Contributing Author: Rubin, Josh O.T. Joshua Rubin graduated from American International College with a B.S. in Occupational Therapy. After working with the geriatric population for many years, he decided to take his career to the next level. By incorporating corrective exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching with his rehabilitation background, he began working with individuals of all ages… Read more →

Important Advice For The Weekend Warriors and Aspiring Olympians: STRETCH & WARM UP Properly

Hernia Prevention and Hernia Treatment Learn the causes behind Hernia, plus the different Types and the Anatomy Involved. by StretchCoach Hernia is a general term referring to a condition which can appear in various parts of the body. The most common hernias develop somewhere in the abdomen. They are caused by a weakness in the abdominal wall which allows a… Read more →

What’s The Best Way To Cleanse The Lymphatic System?

The Health Coach Among all the various exercises and massages, detoxification protocols and healing modalities, New Age therapies and integrative techniques, there is none so effective at thoroughly cleansing the lymphatic system as a vigorous 20 to 30 minute walk … especially when performed in nature. There are some very important qualifications for those who intend to do it right.… Read more →

Homeopathic Remedies For Inguinal Hernia

HERNIA INGUINAL OR UMBILICAL by Doctor Rana Sajid Homeopathy Remedies for this Deases 1 Calcarea Carb Head remedy with which treatment should be started. It will cure great majority of cases. In Hernia where walls of Abdomen are thin and truss cannot be worn. 2 Lycopodium Hernia of right side. Give in 1000 potency every fortnight. Strangulated hernia. Distension of… Read more →

What Traditional Chinese Medicine Has To Say About Hernias

Hole In Stomach And other types of hernias Some 5,000,000 Americans suffer from hernias—a medical condition in which a tissue protrudes through part of an organ. Take, for example, abdominal hernias. If a part of the abdominal wall is weak, organs may penetrate through the weak spot, creating an even larger rupture. In other cases, such as herniated discs,… Read more →

Ten Cultured and Fermented Foods For Rebalancing The Intestinal Flora

The consumption of fermented, probiotic foods has many benefits. The microflora that lives in fermented foods creates a protective lining in the intestines and shields it against pathogenic factors, such as salmonella and E.coli. Indeed, to get that healthy dose of bacteria, it’s essential to consume top probiotic foods. Fermented foods lead to an increase of antibodies and a stronger immune system; plus,… Read more →

Warm Water Enemas Provide An Effective Way To Break The Cycle Of Chronic Constipation

How to give yourself an enema by Tummy Temple HOW TO GIVE YOURSELF AN ENEMA An enema is a great way to stimulate a bowel movement.  It will not cleanse the entire intestine nor will it condition the muscle.  However, it can bring instant relief when you are “in a bind”. EQUIPMENT NEEDED • An enema bag.  You can obtain this… Read more →