Which Is The Best Treatment For Varicocele?

Pristyn Care Team

Varicocele is a condition that arises in males. It occurs due to the abnormality of the veins in the scrotum. The enlarged veins of the scrotum cause it to swell, resulting in much discomfort. Although the condition can be painless initially, that does not mean that you can overlook your condition.

How to confirm varicocele?

You should lookout for the following symptoms of varicocele:

  • Formation of a lump in the scrotum
  • Swelling in the testicles
  • Enlargement of the veins of the scrotum
  • Shrinking of testes
  • Discomfort in standing or performing physical activities

It is wise to seek medical treatment as soon as these symptoms of varicocele start showing up. Varicocele can majorly impact sperm productions and the overall health of your testicles. It also blocks the flow of blood in the male reproductive system. Therefore, varicocele should be treated in time so that you stay safe from its related health complications. There are different effective treatments available for Varicocele.

normal testes and testes affected with varicocele

Ayurveda for Varicocele

The herbal medicines of Ayurveda are quite effective in curing varicocele. The ayurvedic treatment treats the condition by bringing immediate symptomatic relief and stopping the varicocele from getting larger. And to bring these improvements, ayurvedic medicines work on Vayu dosh in the body. So, your ayurvedic doctor can even provide you with some medicated oils and decoctions to get rid of varicocele. It all depends on your condition of varicocele.

ayurvedic medicines for varicocele

Ayurvedic tablets also prove to be effective in providing relief in varicocele. Following are the most widely used ayurvedic tablets for varicocele:

  • Chirvilwadi Kashayam tablets
  • Chandrprabha Vati
  • Sukumaran Kashayam tablet

All you need to do is just consult your ayurvedic doctor before taking any medicine for varicocele. It will save you from any unforeseen health trouble that might make your condition worse.

Homeopathy For Varicocele

Hamamelis- Hamamelis is a very effective homeopathic medicine for varicocele. It deals with the inflammation of the testes and soothes the enlarged veins. So, Hamamelis certainly works proactively in relieving the pain that varicocele causes.

Nux Vomica- This remedy in homeopathy alleviates the stinging pain and discomfort of varicocele. Nux vomica also helps in improving the problem of premature ejaculation.

Arnica- Varicocele can affect the health of the testes and may even lead to impotency sometimes. Arnica is one such homeopathic medicine that reduces the swelling of the testes and restores normal sperm production.

homeopathic medicines for varicocele

Pulsatilla- Homeopaths recommend Pulsatilla in severe cases of varicocele. It brings down the swelling, soothes out the inflammation. Pulsatilla is the most effective in treating the enlarged prostate that leads to varicocele. Also, pulsatilla deals with all the symptoms of varicocele such as headache, backache, etc.

Rhus Toxicodendron- This homeopathic medicine for varicocele also makes the intense itching go away. Itching in varicoceles can aggravate the pain and swelling of the veins. Therefore, Rhus Toxicodendron is quite commonly used if the patient of varicocele also complains of itching.

These are the best homeopathic medicines for varicocele that show significant results. Along with taking these medicines, you can take the help of some home remedies as well.

Home remedies for varicocele

  • You can use easily available over the counter painkillers for instantaneous relief.
  • Use an ice pack on the scrotum to subside the swelling and relieve pain.
  • Refrain from indulging in strenuous physical exercises that may aggravate the discomfort.

Although these home remedies are simple, they will surely bring a significant change in your condition.

You should also be aware that varicocele might reappear if you do not receive proper treatment. To avoid the chances of recurrence, going for varicocelectomy is the best treatment choice.

Varicocelectomy- The Best Treatment For Varicocele

When all the treatment options fail to bring a permanent solution to varicocele, varicocelectomy is the ultimate option. It is the surgical process of removing the enlarged veins that are causing swelling. The advanced laparoscopic varicocelectomy is the best surgical option.

The modern-laparoscopic technique is minimally invasive and does not inflict pain on the patient. The laparoscopic treatment makes sure that there is no damage to the neighboring tissues and there is minimal blood loss. During laparoscopy, a thin, lighted tube or scope (called a laparoscope) is used. The laparoscope allows the doctor to work through a few small incisions. The chances of recurrence are nil and the success rate is quite high as compared to other treatments. The patient has a speedy recovery as there are no wounds and stitches. The patient feels no pain due to the effect of anesthesia. Depending upon the physical condition, the patient receives either local or general anesthesia.

surgery for varicocele

One of the best features of laparoscopic varicocelectomy is that the patient does not have to spend many days in the hospital. It allows the patient to go home within 24-48 hours. Also, the patient can resume his normal routine life within a week only. Also, regular follow-ups make sure that nothing goes wrong in the recovery period.

Whereas, it can be a complex scene if you choose open surgery for varicocele. A patient who undergoes open surgery for varicocele has to endure pain and discomfort for many days. Open surgery involves incisions, so the recovery period is longer as compared to laser treatment. So, why choose pain over smooth and advanced treatment?

Follow these tips to ensure a smooth recovery after Varicocelectomy

  • Avoid sexual intercourse until your doctor allows.
  • Refrain from physical activities such as swimming according to your doctor’s advice.
  • Avoid excess straining while passing stools.
  • Do not drive for long hours during your recovery days.

These are a few simple tips that will hasten up your process of recovery after the treatment of varicocele.

Take Away

There should be no hesitation in seeking medical help for varicocele when any natural treatment does not work. Just like any other ailment, you should tend to with equal concern and urgency. So, book your online appointment with Pristyn Care to consult one of our specialists nearby you