An Effective Workout For Closing A Hernia Site

The Pan workout

This workout is very useful for the last phase of when a hernia closes. A hernia does not usually close completely after 3 months. There’s usually a sort of swelling of about 3 millimetres high that can either swell up or down depending on the pressure coming from the intestines (if they are full or empty). If you have this swelling left, this workout will eliminate the hernia completely.

This workout is not only effective for hernias specifically, but it also provides benefits on a physical level. I will talk about them after a description of the exercise.

The Pan workout – the exercise
This is an exercise that completes the work that your body naturally does when you walk without using your heels while moving and transferring.

Standing on the tips of your toes, straighten out your knees completely. When doing it, you will notice that two things happen: first, your shoulders will go back naturally and your abdomen will push forward slightly.
While maintaining the tension, start doing the exercise: squeeze and release the gluteus muscles.

1 – squeeze and hold the tension for 5 seconds
2 – squeeze and release in movements of 1 to 2 seconds (6 times is enough).

Doing this exercise 3 times a day, combined with the correct way of using your heels, will modify your posture and sexual function. This exercise was given this name by its users thanks to the benefits that it brings on a sexual level.