HERNIA BELT Designed by Andrew A. Gour, M.G., D. O.

Dr. Andrew A. Gour was an osteopathic physician who focused his time and energy on designing a high integrity hernia support belt.  He recognized the need to keep an inguinal hernia reduced as much as possible if the afflicted individual wanted to experience a permanent cure.

Dr. Gour was also aware of the dire need for a strong hernia support system for those who were very active in their job.  The more active and unpredictable the type of occupational activity, the greater the necessity to wear a reliable support which keeps the hernia fully reduced.  The same is quite true for athletes who have developed sports hernias, most of which are inguinal hernias that are frequently small and hard.

The following hernia support designed by Dr. Gour can be duplicated by anyone who has the need.  Because more and more folks are sensitive to the many synthetic materials which are now used in current hernia belt products, making one from scratch with natural materials may be the only way to go.