Homeopathic Remedies For Inguinal Hernia


by Doctor Rana Sajid

Homeopathy Remedies for this Deases

1 Calcarea Carb
Head remedy with which treatment should be started.
It will cure great majority of cases.
In Hernia where walls of Abdomen are thin and truss cannot be worn.

2 Lycopodium
Hernia of right side.
Give in 1000 potency every fortnight.
Strangulated hernia.
Distension of abdomen with rumblingof gas.

3 Nux Vomica
Hernia of left side.
Give in 1000 potency every fortnight.
It also cures right side hernia when Lycopodium fails.

4 Cocculus
Give in 30 potency when Lycopodium and Nuxvomica fails.

5 Aurum Met
Inguinal hernia in children if the above remedies fail.

6 Lachesis
Hernia Strangulated.

7 Plumbum
Strangulated hernia whether femoral, inguinal or umbilical.

8 Staphisagria
Hernia of bladder.

9 Silicia
Inflammation and swelling of inguinal glands.
Painful to touch.
Painful inguinal hernia.

10 Aesculus Hippocastanum
Inguinal hernia.
Cutting in right inguinal region.