Month: May 2016

Baume Phoenicienne: A natural massage balm for inguinal hernia

“A natural massage balm for inguinal hernia” — The Hernia Bible   This balm is called Phoenician Balm because its composition is based on a recipe found in very old traditional writings, which make reference to therapeutic oils and ointments originating back to the Phoenicians. It consists of a penetrating oil containing extracts of specific plants, resins of plants and… Read more →

Yang Foods That Assist With Hernia Remediation, Yin Foods To Avoid

Yin-Yang Foods That Make You Feel Better BottomLineInc Did you know that in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), it’s not just the nutrients in a food but also the “hot” and “cold” of certain foods that can make you feel better? And it has nothing to do with the temperature at which they are served! Here’s why: According to TCM, each… Read more →

STRESS & NUTRITION: Crucial Info For Successful Hernia Remediation

Note from the Coach: The following quote says it all: _________________________________________________________________________________ “When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot become manifest, strength cannot be exerted, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless.” ~ Herophilus _________________________________________________________________________________ Which is why the following article is one of the most important ever posted on this website. Take heed, if you truly wish… Read more →

STRESS & ANXIETY: Must Be Properly Processed When Healing An Inguinal Hernia

Note from the Coach: There is perhaps no greater challenge for those who have experienced an inguinal hernia than positively managing the stress that occurs along with this formidable injury. The anxiety, which almost always accompanies a hernia, can be debilitating for many. Luckily there are many natural remedies for anxiety, such as hemp hydrate water. However, it does not… Read more →