HOT & COLD Water Therapy

TOTAL HEALTH Newsletter November 1998 Vol. I No. 9
HOT & COLD Water Therapy
Compiled And Edited By Tom Harrelson (Revised 7/13/12)

NOTE: Dr. Schulze used MANY Natural Healing Methods, but at the top of the list of EFFECTIVENESS in helping the Body to HEAL itself is HOT & COLD Water Therapy and it’s second ONLY to The “COLD SHEET” Treatment!


COLD Water STIMULATES and HOT Water RELAXES! Together, they are like a Hydrostatic Pump, that makes Blood FLOW! CIRCULATION produces CURES! Herbs can NOT CURE, if the Blood can NOT CIRCULATE! This should be called, “The First Law of Natural Healing”, so it would be good to MEMORIZE it!

HOT & COLD Water Therapy can bring about BETTER Circulation, because the HOT Water STIMULATES Blood Flow to the SURFACE of the Body, while the COLD Water STIMULATES Blood Flow to the CORE of the Body, thus bringing FRESH Blood to the Organs and Glands and ALL parts of the Body! In other words, OXYGEN & NUTRIENTS IN + TOXINS & PATHOGENS OUT!

HOT & COLD Water Therapy is so POWERFUL, that Cancer Tumors can shrink by 1/2 in only 4 hours! So if you AVOID HOT & COLD Water Therapy, because of timidness, you are CHEATING yourself out of a CURE!


DR. RICHARD SCHULZE says, “If you ask me what was the most POWERFUL Healing Method, that helped my patients RECOVER from their CANCERS, it was HOT and COLD Water Therapy. You can’t get Blood to move in and out of different areas of the Body with ANY Therapy, that even comes CLOSE to the POWER of Hydrotherapy!! The 2nd CLOSEST thing for circulation would be to take Habenero Cayenne Peppers. It’s the ONLY Herb, that I know, that you can eat and it will make your Face red with Blood. Habenero Cayenne Pepper and Bodywork are GOOD for Blood Flow, but Bodywork and Habenero Cayenne Pepper, as GREAT as they are, are still a JOKE compared to the POWER of Hydrotherapy!!”

HOT & COLD Hydrotherapy Treatment

1. Allow the Showerstream to spray 5 minutes HOT and 2 minutes COLD over the AFFECTED Area.
2. Work-up to doing about 7 repetitions of that sequence, ALWAYS ending with COLD Water.
3. Do the HOT And COLD Showers 2-3 times per day!
NOTE: While doing the HOT And COLD Showers over the 1st week, work-up to using the HOTTEST Water, WITHOUT being SCALDED and the VERY COLDEST Water! Also massage the AFFECTED Area, while doing the HOT And COLD Showers for even MORE INCREASED Circulation! Remember to ALWAYS end with COLD Water.
If you’d like to treat a SPECIFIC body area, then you should use a Shower Wand.

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