Hernia Remediation Coaching Letter: Session #3 — Toxicities And Infections

Holistic Hernia Remediation Coaching Letter

Volume 3

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by The Hernia Coach

The Health Coach’s Note:
Dr. Hulda Clark was one of the premier health researchers of the 20th century. Her excellent work has served to greatly inform many of us in the alternative health realm. Not only did she enlighten us as to the true causes of most diseases and illness, she also delineated the common sense treatment plans which would serve as an effective remedy.

The following health coaching letter is distinguished by it reliance on Dr. Clark’s high integrity and now-proven correct theories. The reader ought to understand that if an inguinal hernia can be successfully remediated using Dr. Clark’s natural healing modalities, what medical ailment or health condition wouldn’t respond positively.

Clearly, Dr. Hulda Clark has gifted to the world with many effective herbal formulations, detoxification therapies and other healing protocols which have saved many lives. By incorporating her many health recommendations, many have found their quality of life greatly enhanced.

What follows is a stellar example of the most important contribution that Dr. Clark made to medical science, as well as to the world’s body of healing wisdom and health knowledge. The same process that the Hernia Coach recommends below can be applied to virtually any ailment under the sun.

The Health Coach


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This session will acquaint those who have a hernia with a predicament that is universal, but rarely ever talked about.

What you are about to hear is quite important for all hernia sufferers, both those who have had surgery and those who will not.

As anyone who has visited this website knows, there are many causes and cofactors which bring about an inguinal hernia. Perhaps the most significant cause of inguinal hernias is the long-term, low-grade infections which degrade all the tissues which are usually involved with this particular type of hernia.

These low-grade infections can be bacterial, parasitical, viral, fungal, or mycoplasmal in nature. Sometimes they are co-infections having two or more of these infectious agents infesting the same area. They can manifest as raging acute infections with multiple serious symptoms, or they may be chronic in nature with symptoms that are subclinical. For many, the latter seems to be the more common condition. This is why the hernia comes out of nowhere for most people; they were completely unaware that they had any kind of infection.

When these low-grade infections persist under the radar over years, or even decades, they serve to degrade all the delicate tissues which intersect at the inguinal hernia site. The pelvic floor (also known as the abdominal floor) is made up of a variety of physiological structures that are perfectly interwoven and mutually supporting. When one of these becomes sufficiently attenuated or weakened, a breach of the wall can occur resulting in a hernia protrusion. Whenever a group of tissues is adversely affected in this way, a hernia blowout can occur with the right trigger.

The following diagram depicts one type of inguinal hernia that is quite common. It also portrays the primary physiological structures and tissues that are directly involved with inguinal hernia formation. Some of those tissues include various types of musculature, different ligaments and tendons, as well as various layers of fascia.


Because these structures and tissues are located in and around the abdominal floor, they are contiguous to the GI tract (gastrointestinal tract). The small and large intestines are particularly in close proximity to the typical hernia site. Herein lies the problem.

Just as many cases of prostate cancer are successfully addressed by performing colonics and enemas, as well as periodic colon cleanses, hernias can also respond quite well to these detoxification procedures and cleansing techniques. When the colon is imbalanced and full of toxins they can bleed through to the other tissues in the area. The colon does, after all, hold waste products that are expelled daily. When this does not happen regularly and efficiently, problems can occur. The longer a backed up condition (aka constipation) is allowed to continue, the greater the likelihood that low-grade infections will occur in those locations that are the most susceptible.

There are many kinds of toxicity which enter the GI tracts via the food and beverages, drugs and supplements that we ingest. The longer that we eat foods that are impure, processed and/or contain pathogenic microbials, the more likely they will find a home in the most vulnerable tissues. Tissues and physiological structures can be weakened when these toxins and/or microbials concentrate near or in the region of the hernia site.

Dr. Hulda Clark is responsible for the common sense understanding that speaks directly to the typical inguinal hernia etiology. First the chemicals and toxins accumulate in the hernia site; then they attract certain kinds of pathogenic micro-organisms. Lastly, the hernia site gets “sick” but in a manner that is imperceptible. This predicament often lingers over the long term which allows all the involved tissues to become weakened and attenuated.

Why don’t the doctors inform their patients of this all too common plight?

That’s a very good question that the hernia patient ought to be asking their surgeons.

It becomes an exceedingly crucial question when those same tissues are operated on. Many a surgeon finds a state of affairs during the hernia repair operation which indicates these compromised tissues. This is why many folks need to have a second or third or fourth surgical repair. The tissues are so degraded and/or infected that they cannot adequately regenerate themselves. Consequently, surgical repair can often make matters much worse. Of course, any surgeon will be kitted out with the appropriate PPE, reducing the risk of infection, however, when an area of the body is being poked and prodded, internal infections can become rather common.

The Shouldice Hernia Centre in Ontario, Canada subjects every candidate for their unique hernia repair technique to a rigorous examination and interview before they are APPROVED for surgery. Those physicians have seen so many unsuccessful surgeries over the years that they know better than to operate on a hernia site that is not up to a certain standard of fitness.

For these and other reasons it’s imperative that every hernia sufferer understand the true conditions of his or her hernia site. The more infected and/or degraded, the more prep is required before any type of surgical repair. Likewise, for those intending on remediating holistically, this particular predicament must be thoroughly understood.

The obvious point to this discussion is that the more effectively the infections are addressed, the quicker the healing process will be. Conversely, neglecting to treat the infection(s) in the most effective manner will set the individual up for failure. The Internet is full of stories of unsuccessful operations and surgeries-gone-bad which are actually due to toxic and/or infected hernia sites. Of course, each surgeon is obligated to assess a patient’s suitability for surgery; however, most do not perform a thorough evaluation as there is a rush to the surgical suite.


How to accurately diagnose these infections

Obtaining the correct diagnosis of the types of infections which occur in the area of a hernia site (or in the intestinal tract especially the bowel) is no small feat. The various physician specialties, by and large, do not even acknowledge what is being asserted in this hernia coaching session. Therefore, getting them to perform the right diagnostic techniques (Lab tests) is not very easy.

There are only a few certified laboratories that can pick up these types of low-grade infections and the specific tests must be ordered appropriately.

There are various diagnostic modalities on the alternative side which can be utilized to detect these low-grade infections. However, the practitioners must be highly trained and experienced. Ayurvedic physicians and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners are perhaps the best at arriving at an accurate diagnosis, but even they must have deep experience with hernias.

What is important here is that the health professional completely understand the linkage between toxic tissues and low-grade infections. If they are schooled in the teaching of Dr. Hulda Clark, all the better. Dr. Clark went on to map the human body by identifying all the locations throughout the physical organism where different toxicities and chemicals had a tendency to migrate to.

For instance the extremely toxic heavy metal mercury, after it is ingested, is quite deliberately shunted away from the vital organs as a protective measure. Hence, it shows up in the surface of the skin as gray, brown or black patches and discolorations. After years of accumulation in this manner it will cause all sorts of skin conditions and discomfort. Thus mercury will show up where the skin is very thin like the eyelids, underarms, groin, and sex organs. In the body’s wisdom, it is far safer for mercury to accumulate in these areas than if it had concentrated in the heart or brain.

Dr. Clark went on to prove that these chemical toxicities them magnetize various pathogenic micro-organisms which are drawn to the mercury, or the lead, or arsenic, or aluminum, or thallium, or nickel which has gained entry into the body. For example, wherever there are accumulations of mercury in the gut, overgrowths of candida albicans are often found. When mercury has migrated to various organs and tissues, systemic candidiasis is frequently present.

In the case of the inguinal hernia, there are certain linkages just like this which are still under investigation. No one has taken the time to conduct the scientific research studies because there is no grant money being allocated for it. The medical community is just fine with the status quo performing surgery whenever an inguinal hernia patient presents themselves for a quick hernia repair. Nonetheless, the correlation between toxic hernia sites and low-grade-infections is slowly coming to be an established scientific fact in alternative circles.

The critical point here is that finding a diagnostician who utilizes subtle bioenergetic diagnostic devices and/or equipment can make this fact-finding endeavor much easier. This is where prayer can be quite helpful in finding the right healthcare practitioner for your unique needs and issues. Everyone’s hernia is different which requires a special diagnosis and treatment plan.

How to properly treat these low-grade infections

The good news is that there are a variety of treatment modalities in the non-allopathic realm which can be quite effective at arresting these low-grade infections. As for the toxicity accumulations, that is a much bigger job. Even if an individual is successful at knocking out an infection or two, the existing bioterrain which created the conducive environment for the pathogenic microbials to make a home must be addressed for a durable cure.

Hence, the far superior way to treat these types of low-grade infections is to remove the toxic environment and correct the imbalances. This approach is especially critical for difficult hernia cases whereby an individual is doing everything right, and nothing wrong. In these instances, it is almost always a toxic and infected hernia site that resists a permanent healing.

A determined individual can follow every recommendation on this website but still not make much headway if they don’t pay very close attention to this hernia remediation session. Yes, it’s that important and indispensable. Therefore, we highly suggest that every hernia sufferer commit to a regimen of natural antibiotics which includes a broad spectrum anti-microbial. There are various herbal and homeopathic approaches which are well tolerated by most people.

There are also many frequency-generating devices that have been successfully used by many to neutralize systemic and localized infections. The original Rife machine technology invented by Royal Raymond Rife is a powerful modality that is now available in different formats. A cursory search on the internet will produce a plethora of similar treatment devices which many are now using with great success.

The best way to formulate the right protocol(s) — that best suits your condition(s) — is to engage the services of a naturopath or osteopath, Ayurvedic physician or TCM practitioner. Board-certified physicians in integrative medicine and environmental medicine are also knowledgeable in these matters. If none of these are available in your area, there are a number of health coaches, wellness counselors and integrative health consultants who have access to networks of alternative practitioners who can also assist with this process.


Other Conditions Impact Inguinal Hernias

There is in fact a whole host of medical ailments and health conditions which can contribute directly to the formation of an inguinal hernia. Others can impact in such a way that they indirectly create the conducive environment. For many who have recently acquired a hernia in their middle age years, it is quite likely that they have suffered from specific conditions of a chronic nature which set the stage for the blowout.

Everyone knows by now that chronic constipation is a major cause of hernia development. However, constipation is merely a symptom of many other conditions, diseases, illnesses and intolerances which may be or have been present. For this reason it’s very important to perform a high integrity retrospective assessment of your medical history and health profile. Doing so can help you pinpoint the key signature points which your body acquired genetically or as it weathered the storms of this lifetime. It can especially show the consequential patterns which have evolved with regard to the GI tract. This is, after all, where it all begins on the physical level. The common imbalances and ailments of the GI tract must not be overlooked in the holistic hernia remediation process.

Next we look at the common overexertion on the mechanical level that has created so much stress that it affects the gut. Many hernia sufferers have gone beyond their physical capacity during certain periods of their life. They then pay for it when they are older, especially during high stress periods or times of great physical demands.

The emotional pressures of life, too, often target the gut and become localized in various locations in the abdominal cavity. The solar plexus is particularly vulnerable which then works its way down to the hernia site. Just like a rattle in the carburetor can work itself to another part of an automobile engine, the same dynamic can occur in the human body. It’s called pain referral or symptom reflex or focal infection.

Key connections are rarely made by the medical model

What is critical to understand here is that medical doctors are not educated or trained to view an inguinal hernia in this fashion. They are actually conditioned to diagnose inguinal hernia in strict isolation. As such, by evaluating this complex injury without considering the many other obvious connections, they miss the true etiology. In so doing, the most effective treatments are not even considered.

Given that this has been the status quo for many decades, it is wise to become educated in these matters before venturing into the doctor’s office. Many are more open these days to a holistic approach, especially those who have practiced any type of integrative medicine. Not only do some utilize non-medical types of diagnostic devices, they also employ alternative treatment options. Any health professional who does thoughtful nutritional counseling is especially well worth consulting with. If they have prior experience with inguinal hernias, all the better.

The important point here is that the individual and their healthcare practitioner must form a collegial team relationship. In this way they can work in a collaborative effort to ferret out the various causes and cofactors. The client can educate their healthcare practitioner about the foods that have given them problems. They can share their medical history of chronic problems which have contributed to creating the toxic environment. And they can explore the different types of toxicities and chemical exposures they may have had during their lifetime.

When all the key connections have been made it will be like looking at a completed puzzle. For some it’s a rather complex puzzle; for others it may be a simple one. It can be quite helpful to work with a health professional who is a good troubleshooter. Sometimes the professional who is excellent at troubleshooting is not the same person who is good at offering the best treatment advice. In some cases folks may have to engage the services of multiple health practitioners in order to cover all the angles.

What is really important is to always usher this process along so that you are forever looking at all possibilities. The Hernia Coach did this for almost 6 years before considering the single biggest cause of his hernia. Many other causes/cofactors were methodically stripped away except the most significant one. Until that dietary cause was identified and eliminated, there was absolutely no hope of healing the hernia.

various kinds of spices on wooden table
various kinds of spices on wooden table

Hitabhuk ~ Mitabhuk ~ Ritabhuk

These three Sanskrit words — Hitabhuk ~ Mitabhuk ~ Ritabhuk — represent the ultimate prescription in Ayurvedic medicine. When this universal advice is followed religiously, it can serve to heal all that ails humanity. Yes, it is that powerful and efficacious … in all cases of disease and illness, imbalance and injury.

This Ayurvedic sutra is actually a vast and profound dietary prescription. When properly understood, it covers every single perspective of one’s diet to include all medicines, both pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. It also includes what you apply to your skin since that, too, is effectively eaten by the body as it is absorbed. Lastly, there is a subtle aspect that is frequently missed which speaks to what the mind eats by way of its myriad thoughts and endless thinking. Also, bear in mind that the attendant emotional component to those thoughts can be even more influential to the development and cure of a hernia.

The Hernia Coach has written about this on The Health Coach website. It greatly benefits every hernia sufferer to deeply contemplate this wise advice since it surely applies to each and every inguinal hernia ever sustained. Yes, we can now make that definitive statement with absolute certainty.

“Hitabhuk: who eats only that which is beneficial, not harmful;
Mitabhuk: who eats never in excess; and
Ritabhuk: who eats in keeping with season (time of the year).

Personal Testimony:

As a long time health coach, I have been blessed to have many smart and observant clients. During a recent health coaching session we were considering the relevant aspects of Hitabhuk ~ Mitabhuk ~ Ritabhuk to a client’s formidable health challenges. He then offered that one of the most pertinent dietary prescriptions for him is to never eat after sundown. He did not even know that this is one of the fundamental laws contained in the teachings of Hitabhuk ~ Mitabhuk ~ Ritabhuk.

Now the Hernia Coach has recently been having some new sensations in his healed hernia site. They are reminiscent of those which occurred when it first blew out. After hearing again how important it is NOT to eat after sundown, I realized that was exactly what I have recently been doing. I had also gotten back to eating gas-producing beans. Taken together, these two dietary cause were recreating the circumstances for the inguinal hernia to re-occur. NOT GOOD! But thankfully very easy to remedy … which I have with positive effects.

May you enjoy excellent health!

The Hernia Coach
February 19, 2016

Coach’s Note:
The Hernia Coach is available to coach anyone who requires assistance with the process of ferreting out their specific toxicities and low-grade infections. This part of the hernia remediation process is by far the most difficult and time-consuming if not pursued correctly. Please feel free to contact the Hernia Coach at this email: HerniaCoach@gmail.com.

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Hitabhuk ~ Mitabhuk ~ Ritabhuk

“Hitabhuk: who eats only that which is beneficial, not harmful;
Mitabhuk: who eats never in excess; and
Ritabhuk: who eats in keeping with season (time of the year).

This Ayurvedic prescription can be much better understood by following “10 Commandments of Eating” that are found at the following link: TEN COMMANDMENTS OF EATING.

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