Natural Ayurvedic Treatments for Hydroceles

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hydrocele


Hydrocele is a condition where clear fluid accumulates in the scrotum. It is commonly noticed in male infants, but it may also develop in adult males due to a number of causes including trauma. Physical examination and ultrasound tests are necessary to confirm the diagnosis of hydrocele. In most cases, the condition corrects itself. If it does not, then you have the option of surgery or needle aspiration. Alternatively, you can try ayurveda or other traditional medicine to take care of your hydrocele.

One in ten male infants has hydrocele at the time of their birth. This is a condition where clear fluid accumulates in the scrotum. The testis is covered with a thin membrane called the tunica vaginalis. The testis is formed in the abdomen and then it descends to the scrotum. After the descent is complete, the gap between the abdominal cavity and the testis fuses shut and the excess fluid dries up. However, for babies who have hydrocele, the gap does not close properly and fluid continues to drain to the scrotal area. Even if it does close, the excess fluid is not absorbed. This condition is known as hydrocele.

Treatments of hydrocele – in case of most infants, hydrocele is a self correcting phenomenon. It goes away by itself by the time the baby is one year old.If the problem persists or if hydrocele is caused in adult males and it does not disappear by itself within six months, the following treatment options can be explored:
1] Surgery for hydrocele
2]Needle aspiration for hydrocele

Ayurvedic Medicines of hydrocele

Useful Ayurvedic preparations are – punarnava mandur, kanchanar guggul, dashang lep for local application.

One more useful Ayurvedic remedy is – Take equal quantities of dry powder of the following ingredients – Black myrobylan (haritaki),Roasted long pepper and Rock salt.
The mixture should be wetted with little water and made into pea sized globules. One globule half an hour before food, thrice daily for 6 weeks is the recommended dosage.

Cold hip baths are of singular value in the management of hydrocele. Use an ordinary bath tub. Fill it with water. Lower your body into the tub and stay for about 15 minutes, twice or thrice daily.

Other Useful Tips —
— Avoid excessive straining, like too much weight lifting at the gym or otherwise.
— Treat a recurrent or chronic cough immediately. Coughing raises the intra-abdominal pressure and puts a strain.
— Avoid constipation. Constipation causes one to strain at stool, which again increases the intra-abdominal pressure.
— Suspensory bandage, scrotal support, is useful.
— Light firming exercises should be undertaken to improve the muscle and tissue tone.

Yoga for Hydrocele

There haven’t been any studies which claim that yoga can cure hydrocele. However, along with other treatments for hydrocele, yoga should also be tried.

One of the most effective yoga asanas (postures) to provide relief from hydrocele is the Vajrasana or the Thunderbolt pose. This pose can help benefit many ailments. However, this pose is especially beneficial for ailments that originate from the pelvic region.Vajrasana helps to relieve pain in the testicular area.The best way to do this posture is to first take a sitz bath for about half an hour and then perform the Vajrasana. You can also draw a sitz bath and sit in the Vajrasana position in the bathtub.