The Comfort-Truss hernia belt (patent pending) is designed to be a super comfortable and low profile option to the big, bulky and uncomfortable hernia belts on the market. Designed for people with active lifestyles that suffer from a reducible inguinal hernia on either the right, left, or both sides.

Comfort-Truss is made from a special fabric that is super flexible, comfortable against the skin, and is completely breathable. Your skin will not feel hot under the fabric even when wearing it all day long.

The leg strap is thin enough to not feel too bulky, but thick enough so that it doesn’t dig into your skin, and it rides perfectly along the crease between your hamstring and butt cheek.

It is designed to be worn directly against the skin under your underwear, surf trunks, or even a speedo, and you will barely know it’s there.

The front pad is flat and puts the perfect amount of pressure against the inguinal hernia (for most people) to hold it in place, but not uncomfortably push on it as with many hernia belts on the market.

Do not let your inguinal hernia slow you down! This hernia belt will give you the confidence to participate in all your favorite activities, to take your shirt off without feeling self conscious, and live your life the way want without limitations.

The comfort-truss can be worn in or out of the water.

Comfort-Truss hernia belt is great for: Walking, RunningBiking, Swimming, SurfingKayaking, Padleboarding, FishingBaseballLacrosse, Rowing, Tennis, Cross-fit, Horseback Riding, HikingGardening, Water Skiing, Snow SkiingSnowboarding, Motocross, Hunting, and any other activity on land or in the water.