THC Editor’s Note:
What makes the following medical journal article about the non-operative treatment of reducible hernia so significant is the extraordinary success rate that Dr. Jay W. Seaver, M.D. had while he was Associate Director of Yale University Gymnasium. He treated many of the athletes and other students at Yale who sustained inguinal hernias with naturopathic treatments and exercises.

The statistical results of Dr. Seaver’s hernia treatment program are stated in the last page (screenshot) of this post.  They are truly impressive and ought to give every hernia sufferer the understanding that hernias frequently healed naturally when properly treated.  Even though Dr. Seaver was a medical doctor, his recommendation about first taking a non-surgical approach to hernia repair was very strong.  Clearly, the documented successful results that he personally managed over the years at Yale convinced him of the efficacy of a holistic remediation program.

The Hernia Coach found this revealing report during the first few weeks of his own nascent hernia remediation program.  It was quite effective in providing the scientific data and anecdotal evidence needed to strengthen his faith.

For those who are confronted with a skeptical physician or doubting spouse, this post can be used to demonstrate that the non-operative treatment of inguinal hernias was once standard practice.  It undoubtedly produces far superior results to surgery, since the opposite side has much less chance of herniating after healing the rupture holistically.

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By Jay W. Seaver, A. M., M. D.
Yale University, New Haven, CT


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