Our First Hernia Coaching Letter — Session #1

Holistic Hernia Remediation Coaching Letter

Volume 1

Hello to everyone who has emailed The Hernia Coach.

This is our first and perhaps our most important Hernia Coaching Letter.

The primary purpose of this “Open Letter” to all concerned hernia sufferers is to emphasize the following fact of life — that the human body has been made to repair and heal itself in extraordinary and myriad ways.

Believing this is integral to a successful hernia healing process.  Having complete faith that this is so is also necessary to experience an enduring cure.


Physicians down through the ages have all marveled at the reality that the human body is truly a miraculous wonder.  It was designed to heal itself of virtually every ill and any injury it sustains, with the exception of a few.

While there are obviously some injuries which require the safe removal of organs, tissues or limbs, the human organism is extremely resilient and forgiving.  The key word here is forgiving.  Many of us — both knowingly and unknowingly — burden and abuse our bodies over decades.  Then we wonder why we experience a health crisis like an inguinal hernia.  Fortunately, the body was made so that a profound shift in lifestyle, diet and attitude will produce very positive results quite quickly.

The human body is also very intelligent and self-protective.  It will give warning sign after warning sign when something is not quite right or out of balance. Most of us ignore these warning signs to our great detriment.  Finally, after tapping us on the shoulder repeatedly, the Universe (also known as the Higher Power) determines that it’s time to smack us upside the head with a four by four… sometimes in the form of an inguinal hernia.

Like all ailments and illnesses, injuries and wounds, the body is simply putting out an SOS to let the person know that it is in a serious healing and rebalancing mode.  In this way an individual with a hernia will be forewarned not to do a lot of heavy lifting or chronic coughing or violent sneezing or bean-eating.  Doing so will only worsen the hernia and further weaken the hernia site.

What’s the point?

Inguinal hernias can be healed naturally.  They were meant to be healed naturally.  They do heal naturally.  In fact, the holistic cure was the predominant one until the modern medical model became the basis for the current healthcare delivery system.  Because the medical approach to addressing inguinal hernias was almost always a surgical repair, this became the primary (and only) recommendation from the primary care physician.  Consequently, the specialists in this area only recommended one form of treatment—SURGERY.

The crucial point here is that the medical records from the 19th century and early 20th century clearly indicate that even the medical doctors then utilized naturopathic treatments quite effectively in effectuating a permanent healing of inguinal hernias. However, those versatile practitioners really knew what they were doing.  They were guided by centuries of wisdom which was passed on to them by the old school naturopathic physicians.

Again, what’s the point?

You can heal your inguinal hernia naturally and holistically.  Therefore, it’s of vital importance that you have no doubt about this.  In spite of the mountain of resistance that you may encounter, especially from medical professionals, please know that they are speaking from a position of medical school indoctrination.  All they were ever taught was surgery for inguinal hernia repair.

Said another way, the doctors simply don’t know what they don’t know.  So how can they possibly advise you about the proven holistic treatment approach?  All they do know, after decades of education and training and conditioning, is that surgery is the standard and only lasting treatment for an inguinal hernia.


A couple of things you first need to know about The Hernia Coach

First he is also a Health Coach who writes, edits and administers a holistic health coaching website as follows: TheHealthCoach1.com.  He has functioned as a Holistic Health Coach for over 25 years and was one of the very first to promote health coaching as the new health care paradigm of the future.  The Hernia Coach is also an Integrative Health Consultant who places much emphasis on the alternative healing modalities, but also recognizes that conventional medicine can have an important place in the maintenance of good health.

The Hernia Coach incorporates Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Naturopathy among many other alternative healing modalities in his coaching recommendations and advice.  Since all coaching sessions are performed by way of telephone and Skype, the client is highly encouraged to identify those holistic healers within their local area who can skillfully provide some of these services when necessary.

The coach will also suggest various licensed practitioners in the medical field when necessary.  Depending on the complications or seriousness of an inguinal hernia, sometimes medical intervention is required.

For those who really want to understand how broad and deep the well of wisdom is that we draw from, it might be helpful to read this philosophy of coaching practice.

“The Stronger Your Faith And Belief In This Knowledge,
The Greater The Likelihood That Your Hernia Will Be Healed,
If You Proceed In The Proper Manner And Listen To Your Inner Coach.”
— The Hernia Coach

The preceding statement is critical to understand and imbibe.

When you imbibe knowledge, you make it your own.  You practice it with dedication and faith.

This is the very essence, the crux, of lesson #1 in this self-healing course on holistic hernia remediation.

Everything starts with faith.  You now have the knowledge which no one else has ever shared in quite this way.  Now it’s time to make this knowledge your own so that you can take a leap of faith.

Srikanta Barefoot in Yangshuo, China
Holistic Hernia Remediation does require a Leap of Faith.


The more faith you have in the process and the outcome, the greater the chances of a successful cure.

Yes, it’s that simple.

In my case I simply refused to believe that I had to have surgery to fix this thing called an inguinal hernia.

I was like “Are you kidding me?”

“I have to have highly invasive surgery to repair a simple bulge that blew out from violently expelling anal gas?!”

“No way!”  “No way, not now, not ever … if I can help it! ! !”

“Won’t do it.”  “Wouldn’t do it.” I refused to even consider having surgery unless the hernia somehow became life-threatening.

However, right along with this belligerent attitude and fierce resistance to surgery, I knew deep down inside that the public had been incorrectly convinced by the medical community over many decades.  After all, I’m a holistic health coach who has used hundreds of natural cures with great effect.  Therefore, why shouldn’t a holistic and natural approach work for an inguinal hernia?

The bottom line here is that my faith was rock solid when it concerned the potential success of healing my hernia.

Maybe that faith was strengthened by the fact that I knew that surgery would forever weaken and compromise the hernia site so that it could never heal spontaneously if the area was surgically cut even once.

I must also admit that I have tested “positive” for bio-incompatability with regard to a whole variety of synthetic materials, especially those which are derived from petrochemical-based byproducts.  Hence, the standard mesh that is used for the vast majority of surgical repairs was completely ruled out in my case.  This also happens to be the primary reason why so many hernia sites go bad … real bad after having surgery.  The individual either has or develops an allergic reaction to the mesh material.  Or, they develop a sensitivity or intolerance to the mesh for a number of reasons.

Simple point of fact is that the human body does not like synthetic materials* introduced into the tissues.  Some people may tolerate them more than others, but there may still be a subtle resistance to them which in fact produces subclinical symptoms.  This quite common predicament can then evolve into a nagging and sometimes serious medical ailment or health condition.  Or it can exacerbate to a point whereby a hernia site may require 3 or 4 or 5 surgeries to repair.  Then what do you do?!

*Even the Shouldice Hernia Centre in Ontario, Canada uses either a continuous repair with 32–34 gauge stainless steel wire or 3–0 polypropylene suture for the reconstruction.
(Source: The Shouldice technique for the treatment of inguinal hernia)

There are various ways in which your faith can be strengthened by the way.  Look for them.  Isolate those God-given realizations and practical incentives, no matter what form they may take.  Be incentivized by all that you know to be promising and be dissuaded by that which you know to have unacceptable downside medical risks and/or health dangers.  Let them propel you forward toward a natural cure.

In my case the bedrock of faith was also the product of a whole life avoiding doctor offices and pursuing natural cures and holistic healing whenever possible and/or practical.

The final point here is that FAITH is absolutely necessary to taking this path of self-healing.  If you really have it — F A I T H — miracles can and will happen.  If you don’t, the journey of healing your inguinal hernia holistically will be a long and arduous one.  Yes, it can be done.  But, remember, the two wings of holistic hernia remediation are self effort and grace.  The grace is literally drawn by the strength of one’s faith.


The Upcoming Coaching Letter — #2

The next coaching letter will only be available on a donation basis.  It will be the first of 12 coaching sessions, each of which will present the top 12 things to do and not do when attempting a natural cure.

When each of these twelve topics are properly understood and put into correct practice, the hernia sufferer has put the odds in their favor to experience a permanent cure.  Of course, there will always be those cases which may be so complicated and/or so advanced that they absolutely require a surgical repair.  Nevertheless, those folks, too, will greatly benefit from a holistic program by strengthening the hernia site so that it is fit for surgery.  In fact a number of surgery candidates are rejected because of their lack of fitness, particularly in the region of the hernia site.


It is by faith that a child is even able to take its very first step in life.

It is through faith that a world-class tennis player or top-tier golfer swings their first stroke.

It is with faith that a cancer patient leaves behind the surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy in favor of a holistic treatment plan which produces no collateral damage anywhere in the body.

Bottom Line: The first thing every individual must focus on when conducting a holistic hernia remediation program is moving swiftly from fear to faith where it concerns every aspect of their healing process.

This marks the end of our first coaching session.  We sincerely hope that everyone has a better understanding of what is required to walk this particular path of self healing.

Future sessions will delve into the core issues and hottest topics, basic techniques and essential protocols which constitute a successful holistic hernia remediation program.

Anyone who wants to receive the coaching letter subscription on a one-time donation basis can email us at the following address:  HerniaCoach@gmail.com

May you experience great health!
The Hernia Coach



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The Hernia Coach
December 13, 2015

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