Baume Phoenicienne: A natural massage balm for inguinal hernia

“A natural massage balm for inguinal hernia” — The Hernia Bible


Baume Phoenicienne This balm is called Phoenician Balm because its composition is based on a recipe found in very old traditional writings, which make reference to therapeutic oils and ointments originating back to the Phoenicians. It consists of a penetrating oil containing extracts of specific plants, resins of plants and natural substances, which help to maintain the good health of the abdominal wall and its muscle fibres, tonicity and tightness of structure. Now made in Switzerland, this balm is used by many people with small-to-medium inguinal and other types of hernias.


How to apply

Apply the balm morning and evening directly on and around the hernia area. Massage well into the skin. Best used in conjunction with a hernia support which will physically contain the hernia.

For topical use only.



Olea Perilla frutescens, Aconitum fortunei, Symphytum officinale, Kalopanax pictus, Lonicera japonica, Pistacia lenticus, Calendula officinalis, Eleutherococcus sessiliflorus.


How to order

A 60 ml applicator bottle of Baume Phoenicienne costs £34.95 plus shipping. It lasts about a month and can be ordered here.


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