STRESS & ANXIETY: Must Be Properly Processed When Healing An Inguinal Hernia


Note from the Coach:

There is perhaps no greater challenge for those who have experienced an inguinal hernia than positively managing the stress that occurs along with this formidable injury.

The anxiety, which almost always accompanies a hernia, can be debilitating for many. Luckily there are many natural remedies for anxiety, such as hemp hydrate water.

However, it does not have to be this way.

The Hernia Coach has ushered many through the process of confronting their worst fears which emerge for many folks who sustain a hernia. Those fears and anxieties are simply a part of the process of healing and rejuvenation.

Because of the very nature and location of an inguinal hernia, it seems to present a profound wound that many find daunting, even scary. Once they understand the very personal message that it is sending, they become aware that it is truly a gift from God.

Unfortunately, many take their time in coming to this necessary realization; and some never do. In the meantime they suffer from all the mental anguish and emotional pain that occurs when they consider the prospect of needing surgery, or worse, never experiencing a permanent cure. They don’t even look into all of the herbal remedies out there which can help you deal with this stress, such as this cbd tincture for sale. Cbd products are new to the market but need to be made the most of as they’re one of a kind when it comes to mental health.

What’s the point?

Sometimes we need intervention from the alternative side of the of the healthcare delivery realm. That intervention can take the form of many different healing modalities and/or healthcare practitioners. regularly performs due diligence on many of those different modalities as we also vet various healthcare professionals. Joseph Giove is one such professional who has a proven track record for helping folks deal with the inordinate amount of stress in their lives. He teaches various techniques which are very effective in reducing anxiety levels.

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What follows is a list of other health issues from Joseph’s website that can also be successfully addressed through his unique program and stress reduction techniques – a popular one that you may find recommended by people suffering from stress and anxiety would be simple preroll joints to help relieve negative effects of mental health conditions as well as pain. Because of his specialty of dealing with numerous high anxiety medical ailments and health conditions, he is uniquely qualified to assist those with what we call “hernia anxiety”.

By doing this many of the ill effects of prior stress can be significantly reduced or entirely eliminated and your:
• immune system improves
• energy increases
• sleep improves almost as much as it would after getting a Leesa mattress.
• eating habits and fat burning normalize
• anxiety decreases
• compulsive and poor habits diminish
• skin complexion improves
• elimination and detoxification improves
• mental clarity, creativity and productivity reach new heights

The Hernia Coach quickly understood during his holistic hernia remediation program that it was the aggregate stresses of life (actually the mismanagement of those stresses) that were at the root cause of his hernia. He soon realized that the added stress of managing an inguinal hernia had to be successfully addressed if there was to be a natural cure. This fact of life alone served as motivation to keep in check all the inappropriate and/or destructive reactions to life’s stressors. This process of self discovery, by the way, is absolutely essential if one is to experience a permanent healing. Otherwise one’s hernia may appear to disappear, but it will likely come back with a vengeance at a later date. Or, the individual will frequently develop an inguinal hernia on the other side.

Here is another excerpt from Joseph Giove’s website that will provide more perspective on his holistic approach to properly managing stress.

Given the growing pressures in life, especially modern families and workplaces, learning a new response to stress is not only desirable it is imperative.

Stress mastery is done by skillfully using the same physiological process that has hitherto been unconscious. You will learn how to interrupt that process and easily reprogram yourself to use daily pressures to achieve higher levels of balance and performance, instead of allowing it to degrade your health and vitality.
(Source: Joseph Giove)

In closing, the Hernia Coach offers his unconditional recommendation to the highly effective approach that Joseph has taken toward stress reduction and the mitigation of anxiety. He has been a great friend and practitioner to the Hernia Coach over many years and has always provided a very calming and positive influence. We thank him for his many years of outstanding service to the health community.

You may reach Joseph’s office to arrange for a “Free Initial Consultation” by calling either 925-215-4017 or 866-863-4669. Or you may go to:

May you enjoy great health!

The Hernia Coach

Girl sitting on the rock by the peaceful sea at sunset.
Girl sitting on the rock by the peaceful sea at sunset.