Can A New Way Of Walking Help Heal An Inguinal Hernia?

Note from the Coach:
The Hernia Coach had a close acquaintance who was taking college courses in biomechanical engineering back in the day. He was also a championship tennis player who approached the game of tennis as a dynamic art form. The goal was to play the game in the most biomechanically correct way so that tennis elbow and all the other injuries that plague tennis players could be avoided. Of course, things like wearing an Elbow Compression Sleeve for Tennis Elbow would help, but playing in such a way was the only way to avoid these injuries in the first place.

Making a very long story short takes us to the point where we both started to evaluate the art and science of walking. As we walked the volksmarching trails in the Black Forest of West Germany during the early 1980s, we took up the matter of the correct way of performing biomechanically correct walking. We decided that toe-to-heal walking was far superior to the standard heal-to-toe walking process of modern man.

On a purely common sense level, when the heel hits the floor first there is no shock absorber to absorb the impact, particularly on the hard surfaces of post modern civilization. When the ball of the foot hits the ground first, it can easily and naturally function as the body’s shock absorber. Yes, it’s more work in the beginning because of lack of use; however, once the involved musculature is properly strengthened and the connective tissue is toned, walking with the ball of the foot first becomes second nature.

Rather than adopt this proper way of walking The Hernia Coach went back to his old habit. Just a couple of years later he herniated a disc in his back. The primary mechanical cause of that disc rupture was walking on hard surfaces during a stressful time when pounding the pavement simply exerted too much downward pressure on the spinal column. Hence, the area between the 5th lumber and first sacral vertebrae received most of the overwhelming impact.

Fast forward to 2008 and a similar dynamic evolved. Only this time it was the abdominal floor that was the recipient of so much impact. When a certain threshold of impact tolerance was exceeded, his inguinal hernia appeared as a result of this wrong style of walking as well as a couple of other triggers. However, it was his incorrect walking style that was the primary mechanical cause of the inguinal hernia.

In light of this personal testimony the Coach is very glad to see another hernia coach take up this issue with so much common sense and zeal. The author of the article below is definitely on to something very big in the field of holistic hernia remediation. What he presents below is completely consistent with the Coach’s understanding that was arrived at over 30 years ago. THC has been practicing this refreshing way of walking and has already seen great benefits, especially for well maintaining a previously healed hernia site.

The Hernia Coach


The walking method to shut the hernia

There’s never been an animal strong enough to have the luxury of being able to walk with its heels first when it walks. Neither ants or T-rexes have had that luxury either. What makes you think that humans are the only animals capable of doing this?

The graceful step

What do animals have in common when moving around? Whether they have 2, 4 or 8 legs and whether they weigh 100 grams or 2 tons? Grace.

Feet were designed to be in contact with the earth and this contact has to guarantee that the body floats on the ground in the same way a bird moves, with the same type of simplicity that the birds have when they walk.

An ostrich, a rooster, a flamingo: we can observe how they get about with infinite grace and learn that moving in this way is not only pleasant and graceful, but it’s simply wonderful.

The method

We are talking about modifying an incorrect behavior that human beings started 400 about 400 years ago, reaching its maximum stupidity over the last 50 years.

When you walk, you first place your heel down and then the rest of the foot.

We are so convinced that this way of walking is the correct way that the mere idea of doing it differently makes us confused.

A way of living

The right way of living would be to walk without placing your heels on the ground, but you will have to learn how to correct your way of walking gradually as it will be difficult and since we’ve been walking incorrectly since we were three years old.

You will have to learn how to do three things differently:

Stand up



Everything without putting your heels on the ground. You will need 30 days to achieve a whole day off your heels. Lower back pain will come in after the first week even if you manage to stay on your tip toes for two hours a day. You may feel the need to look on sites like to find products in order to cope with this pain, but try and push through if you can.

Let’s look at how we can be in as a little pain as possible while we go through the process.

The third month

We can assume that during the first month you were able to stand all day on your tip toes and that during the second month you were trying to get used to moving around.
At this point, you’ve already understood that living this way is a wonderful way to live and now that you’ve gotten used to moving around a bit, other people will not have even noticed that you’ve stopped placing your heels on the ground.

Your lower back pain has practically disappeared from your body. I would like to underline why I’ve used the word “disappeared”: because it means much more than to be healed.

I use the word “disappeared” because after 3 months of living without putting your heels on the ground, not only have you sent your lower back pain away but you’ve also removed the way to make it come back.

Modifying the way you place your feet on the ground modifies your posture. It’s not about a choice but it’s about a mandatory consequence to the way you place your feet down. Even if you want to have poor posture, you couldn’t because “you would fall.”

Your lower back pain has gone away as well as many other problems connected to it such as digestive, stomach, circulatory, physical, sleep and articulation problems.

At this point, we’ve more than reached our goal in the book, so you can just stop here because you’ve already fixed your problem, but you can also go on reading to learn about other things you can do. If your back pain persists, you may want to investigate Chiropractic Therapy as an option for receiving treatment to combat the root cause of your discomfort and ultimately regain normal movement in the body without being inhibited by painful sensations.


Being on your tip toes encourages blood circulation throughout the whole body and this supplies oxygen to the blood, eliminates toxins at the cellular level and helps maintain optimal temperatures in the legs, feet and throughout the rest of the body.

The heart receives power and energy each time the calf muscles are used and this is what eliminates sleepiness.

This is the area of the foot made for contact with the ground.

Up to now, this detail has been hidden by the media and by television. It’s very easy for industries to fill up clinics and hospitals with people who are ill or who have physical problems that they will never fix.

In any case, this time is in the past and numerous people today are already aware of this particular detail of the human body.

Here is an outline showing the correct way of how to put your feet down when you run.

The Pan workout

This workout is very useful for the last phase of when a hernia closes. A hernia does not usually close completely after 3 months. There’s usually a sort of swelling of about 3 millimeters high that can either swell up or down depending on the pressure coming from the intestines (if they are full or empty). If you have this swelling left, this workout will eliminate the hernia completely.

This workout is not only effective for hernias specifically, but it also provides benefits on a physical level. I will talk about them after a description of the exercise.

The Pan workout – the exercise

This is an exercise that completes the work that your body naturally does when you walk without using your heels while moving and transferring.

Standing on the tips of your toes, straighten out your knees completely. When doing it, you will notice that two things happen: first, your shoulders will go back naturally and your abdomen will push forward slightly.

While maintaining the tension, start doing the exercise: squeeze and release the gluteus muscles.

1 – squeeze and hold the tension for 5 seconds

2 – squeeze and release in movements of 1 to 2 seconds (6 times is enough).

Doing this exercise 3 times a day, combined with the correct way of using your heels, will modify your posture and sexual function. This exercise was given this name by its users thanks to the benefits that it brings on a sexual level.

Sexual function (in men)

Neither energy or sexual power are created, nothing new is created. The muscles that control sexual function are modified becoming more effective when your pelvis posture is corrected.

You will immediately notice more reaction to the stimuli immediately (powerful erections) but they are connected directly to the stimuli. What does this mean? It means that your sexual reaction is activated when we have a female in front of us, when we are turned on and not in other moments.