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9 Minute Oblique Workout

An at Home Ab Workout with Exercises for Love Handles by Fitness Blender [youtube_sc url=] These obliques exercises are combined with intervals of cardio moves that also target the oblique and abs muscles to help you burn calories while you firm your sides. This ab routine counts as both an internal and external oblique workout, though it should be… Read more →

Dr. Jay Seaver Said to Strengthen the Obliques for Permament Hernia Repair

A VERY IMPORTANT QUALIFICATION To All Readers Coach Note: Most of the routines shown below are not suitable for hernia sufferers. Only certain ones are acceptable to be included in an exercise routine. Those few that are safe are best started in a specific way so as to not injure the hernia site. They are then graduated to more difficult… Read more →

Strengthening Oblique Muscles A Must For Healing Hernia

What is the best workout for strengthening oblique muscles? Here are some great workouts. Learn more from these forum members. WHAT IS THE BEST WORKOUT FOR STRENGTHENING OBLIQUE MUSCLES? A lot of focus is placed on training abdominals, but many people forget their surrounding neighbors; the oblique muscles. What is the best workout for strengthening oblique muscles? Which sports would… Read more →