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Hernia Surgical Repair: The Primary Non-Mesh Alternatives

NON-MESH HERNIA REPAIR TECHNIQUES Suturing repair “Non-mesh hernia repair is also known as tissue or suturing repair. Examples include primary closure of a small umbilical hernia or inguinal hernia repair using the Shouldice, Bassini, McVay and Desarda techniques.” (Source: HERNIA REPAIR TECHNIQUES: Non-Mesh) 1) Shouldice Technique 2) Bassini Technique 3) McVay Technique 4) Desarda Technique (Tension-free repair)   Other surgical repair techniques for… Read more →

Hernia Surgery Can Have Complications

HERNIA SURGERY COMPLICATIONS Beverly Hills Hernia Center Any operation, including for hernias, has inherent risks and complications. Surgery should not be taken lightly. This is not “minor” surgery.  That said, most outpatient hernia repairs are considered low-risk.  We see a lot of complicated, high-risk patients and so their hernia or hernia-related operations are usually not low-risk. Each patient has their own… Read more →

SURGICAL REPAIR for Inguinal Hernia: A Physician Recommendation

Note from the Coach: Some folks out there with inguinal hernias have asked the Coach for a physician referral for surgical repair. Although we have never received feedback about the following surgeon from Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Kevin Petersen, the founder of No Insurance Surgery, Inc., appears to be a uniquely qualified specialist in the area of surgical repair for inguinal hernias.… Read more →

What Doctors Don’t Tell You: Hernia – A Stitch In Time

by Clive Couldwell Many doctors used outmoded types of surgery for hernias, hand over this complicated operation to inexperienced juniors or experiment with new, untried techniques. The statistics are worrying. It’s four times more dangerous to have a hernia operation than to go without one if you’re over 65, according to the Harvard School of Public Health (New Eng J of… Read more →