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Dr. Jay Seaver Said to Strengthen the Obliques for Permament Hernia Repair

The 25 Best Exercises for Your Obliques These movements will help you sculpt and strengthen these key core muscles BY THE EDITORS OF MEN’S HEALTH, PHOTOGRAPHY BY BETH BISCHOFF 1/26 When it comes to creating a lean, strong torso, developing your obliques—the muscles that run along the sides of your core—is a must. Related: RIPTENSITY—Fast Bodyweight Workouts From Men’s Health That Are So… Read more →

Strengthening Oblique Muscles A Must For Healing Hernia

What is the best workout for strengthening oblique muscles? Here are some great workouts. Learn more from these forum members. WHAT IS THE BEST WORKOUT FOR STRENGTHENING OBLIQUE MUSCLES? A lot of focus is placed on training abdominals, but many people forget their surrounding neighbors; the oblique muscles. What is the best workout for strengthening oblique muscles? Which sports would… Read more →

A Historical Retrospective and Physiological Etiology of Inguinal Hernias

Vitruvian Man Had a Hernia The beautifully proportioned drawing illustrates our place in the universe better than Leonardo da Vinci ever knew. By Laura Crothers Around the year 1487, Leonardo da Vinci sketched what would become one of the most famous illustrations in the world. In it, a perfectly drawn circle sits atop a square. Perfectly framed within those shapes,… Read more →

Ostomy Support Belts For Full Lower Abdomen Support

Active Support Belts Ostomy Support Belts These lightweight ostomy support belts are designed for use with both right or left side stoma locations, and work with one-piece or two-piece ostomy pouch systems. Ideal for Colostomy, Ileostomy, or Urostomy wearers; our durable and affordable ostomy support belts are the perfect choice for securing and concealing your ostomy appliance. Zippers provide easy… Read more →

Ostomy Fucionel ™ Support Belt

See the features of our Unique Easywear Support Belt Unique features of Fucionel Easywear belt makes it the ONLY product for ostomates that can be worn and taken off so easily yet provide vital support for long periods of time without discomfort see our video demonstration below. Research indicates that up to 50% of ostomates develop a hernia, To help… Read more →

List of Warming and Cooling Foods

WARMING AND COOLING FOODS FOR HEALTH: A BRIEF OVERVIEW by The Body In Form Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient healing practices have always used food as one of the ways to balance the body to help prevent and treat disease.  With the understanding that every type of food contains its own characteristics, these wise healers know that… Read more →

Warming and cooling characteristics of common foods

  Ping Ming Health Each food has its own characteristics. In very ancient times Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners used specific foods to balance the body’s yin and yang and to treat disease.The ancient Chinese medicine practitioners discovered that most foods have either cooling or warming characteristics. When you eat cooling foods, they are adding cooling effects to your body and… Read more →

Postpartum Postnatal Pregnancy Pelvis Correction Belt

UZZO Women and Maternity Postpartum Postnatal Pregnancy Pelvis Correction Belt Post Pregnancy Recovery Shrink Hip Reducer Belt Band Wrapper Weight Loss Pelvis Recovery Belly Abdomen Slimming Belt   Effectively tighten and flatten your postpartum belly and recovery your pelvis Size:M(95*16cm) L(105*16cm) Made from stretchable, breathable, and lightweight materials It can be stretched to fit the natural curves of your body… Read more →

Postpartum Corset Support

Wholesale – 50pc Postpartum Corset Support Recovery Belly/Waist Belt Shaper Pregnancy Maternity belt   Sizes: L XL L 98CM XL 108CM Material: cotton and Spandex   Description 1.The postpartum support belt is designed to be easy to put on without assistance. 2.Grip the support at each end and place the loop pad over your abdomen. 3.Stretch, and touch the hook… Read more →

Orione Hernia Brief

#515 Orione Hernia Brief – Open   Designed to assist with single or dual (bilateral) inguinal hernia. Orione Hernia Brief model #515 is predominantly cotton so particularly suitable for warmer climates and light. The airy elasticated fabric is designed to be worn all day and allows good freedom of movement. The model is open type. All Hernia briefs are supplied with two atomically shaped… Read more →


    TRUFORM 490-4E Athletic Support is fabricated with a stretchy gray knitted elastic measuring 9″ deep all around. Flexible spiral boning in front and back, minimizes rolling and migration Detachable knitted gray fly pouch with leg straps – snap fastening   ___ Read more →