Donations & Payment Policy

To All Our Loyal Readers and New Visitors:

Many folks have asked how they can make donations to the further development
of this holistic hernia remediation project and website.

They can do so by simply sending their donation to the following PayPal email account:

To donate by credit card, please send us an email indicating the amount
that you wish to contribute.  A special credit card button will be sent to you.

All donations are very much appreciated and remain strictly confidential.

With much gratitude,

The Hernia Coach

Special Note: For all coaching clients, our payment policy for discounted sessions is firm for obvious reasons.  Any session that has been started can always be completed at the convenience of the client.  However, partial refunds will not be given even in the case where surgery has been conducted.  The Hernia Coach is also a medical consultant for many folks wanting surgery and is happy to provide both pre and post-operative coaching which is often necessary to guarantee a successful surgical outcome.  Please see HERNIA SURGICAL REPAIR: A Special Post from the Coach.