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Top 20 Foods That Cause Abdominal Gas

Are You Eating These Foods? I’m about to share with you the list of foods that cause gas.  But before I do, I must warn you. Foods that produce gas in one person, might not produce gas in another. Mainly because each person digestive system is unique. I’ll be the first to admit that my stomach is very sensitive to certain… Read more →


TEN COMMANDMENTS OF EATING As for the “Ten Commandments of Eating” for a successful hernia remediation, the following are presented in the order of impact. However, each ought to be obeyed as much as the others, and as practically possible without stressing about them. ∞ Commandment #1 is Thou Shalt Not Overeat Commandment #2 is Thou Shalt Not Eat Gas-Producing Foods.… Read more →

Excellent Dietary Recommendations From “The Hernia Bible”

HELPFUL FOODS   Vegetables Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and other nutrients that help us to function at optimal levels. Our evolution as hunter-gatherers probably relied a lot more on gathering than hunting, as the technology required to capture a wild apple is far more reliable than that required to capture a rabbit. So our digestive systems evolved to… Read more →

Healing Porridge – Congee

LOTUS CENTER Congee is a grain based, medicinal porridge served for centuries in traditional East Indian and Chinese homes. It is as common in some homes as pizza & mac and cheese are here!  This is an easy and affordable dish to incorporate into any diet.  It is used preventatively to promote good health and strong digestion. In Traditional Chinese… Read more →