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M-Brace Hernia Brief (100% Cotton)

Hernia Brief (#610) $79.99 INDICATIONS Indicated for inguinal hernias (designed for the use of extra pads) and post-operative treatment. Indicated post-operatively to prevent the sagging of abdominal tissues Indicated as a support during sports and heavy work activities. Left and Right Pads Included 100% Cotton on the skin Washable Breathable Non-Allergenic Low cut model Available in the color light Grey… Read more →

UNDERWORKS Inguinal Hernia Cotton Comfort Support Brace

Unisex Inguinal Hernia Cotton Comfort Support Brace – Single or Double Manufacturer: Underworks SKU: 944 29.99 USD   Indications: Inguinal Hernia in Men and Women Built in pads are removable and washable – You have the option to use only the left pad, right pad, or both Comfortable and not restricting stretch cotton body Front straps and leg straps allow you to… Read more →

Compromised Collagen Formation & Hernia Development

The Role of Collagen in Hernia Genesis   Authors Authors and affiliations Lars Nannestad Jorgensen Finn Gottrup Chapter 52Downloads Abstract There is a discrepancy between the number of publications on hernia in general and those addressing the role of collagen as an important pathophysiological factor in the development of hernia. On Medline, the search for “hernia” produces more than 14,000 references, whereas the… Read more →

Meet Hernia Surgeon: Dr. Jonathan Yunis, MD FACS

Methods of Hernia Repair Options for repair are numerous. Several different hernia repair methods exist for any given hernia. All of these techniques may have excellent outcomes when performed by surgeons with extensive experience in that particular method. At the Center for Hernia Repair, all possible approaches for repair are explored for each and every one of our hernia patients.… Read more →

How does Hesselbech’s Triangle relate to an inguinal hernia?

Hesselbach Triangle What Is It, Location, and More Author: Alyssa Haag Editors: Ian Mannarino, MD, MBA, Ahaana Singh Illustrator: Jillian Dunbar   What is the Hesselbach triangle? The Hesselbach triangle, also called the inguinal triangle, is a region of the lower, anterior abdominal wall, or groin, that was first described by Frank Hesselbach, a German surgeon and anatomist, in 1806. It describes a potential… Read more →