Postpartum Corset Support

Wholesale – 50pc Postpartum Corset Support Recovery Belly/Waist Belt Shaper Pregnancy Maternity belt

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Sizes: L XL

L 98CM XL 108CM

Material: cotton and Spandex



1.The postpartum support belt is designed to be easy to put on without assistance.

2.Grip the support at each end and place the loop pad over your abdomen.

3.Stretch, and touch the hook to the loop, and your support is secure!

4.You may vary tension by adjusting the amount of stretch.

Invisible under clothing for a discreet look.

5.For proper fit and maximum effectiveness, measure around the largest part of your waist or hip, and purchase size small (24-30 in), medium (32-38 in) or large (40-46 in).




1.The postpartum support belt provides gentle, firm belly support after your baby comes.

2.This support belt helps you return to your normal activities – and wardrobe – sooner!

3.Especially helpful after a c-section.



Suitable for women who have delivered the baby six weeks ago .

1.The instructions say to hand was in cold or warm water with mild detergent.

2.Hang dry.

3.Do not machine wash or dry.

4.The product definitely shows wear and tear.

5.The portion of the Velcro did come separated but was fairly easy to sew it back together.


Also this smaller one: